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    Panaretto is a Real Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria! First built in 1989, in the Valley of Agno in Italy, in 2009 Panaretto has been opened also in the "Venice of America"...a Good Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale! Panaretto receives recognition and praise for the quality of the healthy fresh ingredients and the great service!

    We serve only Italian Food, from Italian Classic Recipes to Ancient Recipes Typical of the Venetian Area and Fabulous Italian Style Pizzas that are served on the Panaretto, a traditional wooden serving plate used in the Venice Area to serve Polenta and Pizzas; the process of cutting the pizza is easier and, by eliminating the condensation that a common plate generates, it preserves the crust! Homemade Pesto, Bolognese and Tomato Sauces are available for sale, so that you can enjoy at home our Tasty Italian Food!

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    At Panaretto Restaurant we try our very best to serve you the freshest, most delicious meals prepared under the strictest quality and hygiene standards.
    If there is ever anything wrong with your order or you have a concern please return your meal just as it is with your receipt. We strive to always take care of our customers and resolve any issues as best as we possible can.

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    We also provide catering services on or off location. To schedule a time to discuss your future event, please contact us at:



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    Contact Us

    1331 S.E 17th Street
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

    Phone: 1 954-533-7840
    Email: panaretto@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @panaretto
    Facebook: Panaretto Fort Lauderdale